My Three Cents

There is one small thought that is often forgotten at the end of nearly every meeting.  Can you guess what that is? 

Lots of work goes into meeting preparations; discussions are often intense and debate is not uncommon.  Then the meeting is over and dates are often set for the next get together.  Suddenly, a day or two before the upcoming gathering, the chair looks at the notes he or she took to determine what was promised in the last meeting and ensure there is time to move things forward…which often cannot be done in just a day or so.  Frequently and sadly, all that was promised cannot be delivered. 

In one of the many articles I have read on management lessons from Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, there was a jewel of an idea that can potentially solve this problem — and many others that relate to the speed at which things get done in business.  This common sense little trick that Jobs invented enables the “get results” culture Jobs was noted for.

At the start of every meeting, he appointed the “DRI,” the Directly Responsible Individual, who would carry the torch, providing leadership, making sure that all that was supposed to get done before the next meeting actually was completed.  He or she, focused and accountable, carried the ball, managing whatever hurdles that presented themselves in advance of the next meeting. 

Don’t forget about the DRI.  Your success may depend on this very strategic move. Three little letters that count.

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