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Financial services can be tricky to understand for newcomers to the industry, namely recent graduates and millennials entering their first jobs in the field. However, with the help of social media and digital newsletters, coming to terms (quite literally) with related news and information can be easy. In communications, developing financial prowess is not only essential to understanding the business, your client’s needs, but also, becoming a part of the team to which you work.

Some newsletters and social influencers to consider following:

Andrew Ross Sorkin (@andrewrsorkin). Sorkin has been referred to as one of Twitter’s top financial influencers with the followers to back it up. You can count on him to comment on the industry’s most talked-about headlines and share relevant articles straight from The New York Times. Sorokin’s Twitter feed is the minor league affiliate to his major newsletter, Deal Book.

The Wall Street Journal 10-Point by Editor in Chief, Gerard Baker. Each morning, Baker summarizes the day’s top headlines, giving you all the need-to-know information in a brief digital newsletter. 10-point covers a range of news stories, making it a key player to your understanding of cross-industry knowledge.

Fortune Term Sheet, by Dan Primack. Fortune magazine’s daily newsletter filled with timely news, insights and analysis on the industry’s latest deals and deal-makers. Primack highlights the day’s top stories for a number of deal types like, firms and funds, private equity, and venture capital. A go-to for what’s newsworthy amongst asset management firms.

Politico Morning Money, by Ben White. A hybrid newsletter, combining political intelligence and business savvy. White provides digestible summaries of the day’s top headlines, linking back to their original stories for easy reference and additional details. In FS speak, a subscription to Morning Money is an easy way to round out your portfolio of business knowledge.

Deal Book, founded by Andrew Sorkin. Deal Book’s daily newsletter is sent straight to your inbox, not once, but twice daily. New York Times contributors offer their insights on a number of industry sectors, like mergers & acquisitions, hedge funds, venture capital, and legal/regulatory. Deal Book is a must-read for the latest information on deals, and those who make and break them.

Following a variety of newsletters and social influencers is important to the development of a young professional’s knowledge of the financial services industry. These media resources will serve as an insightful starting point at the beginning of any career.

-Carolyn Hamm

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