My Three Cents

Earlier last month, I shared the following post on the Makovsky LinkedIn page, which also echoes the sentiments of our MAK staff.

These are unprecedented times. I join millions of others who are sickened and repulsed by the needless and heartless killing of George Floyd. Millions have taken to the streets to protest.

Only by speaking out against injustice and intolerance can we dismantle institutionalized racism and create a better future for African Americans and for all people of color. These worldwide protests against police brutality and institutional racism in the United States are a heartfelt call for change.

Change will not be easy. It must be brought forward within our communities through a constant, and what will most certainly be uncomfortable, dialogue.

Black lives matter. Now is the time to listen as Black communities speak their truth.

As a society, we cannot tolerate racial injustice any longer. Tyler Kemp, a Black man and the editor of the Villanovan, put it profoundly: “We are tired of seeing our Black fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters lose their life because of their skin color. We are tired of having to post headshots on social media of those that we have lost. We are tired of having to constantly remind everyone for the better part of the last decade that Black lives matter. We are tired of bending over backwards so that the criminal justice system gives us a fair shake when one of ours is wrongfully murdered.”

We must create the change we wish to see in the world. And we must recognize our responsibilities to speak up about injustice, and to listen to those in need of our support.

In support of our commitment to fair justice, we have made a donation to the George Floyd Memorial Fund, a fund created by his brother, to help George’s family, which has been directly impacted by this. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and loved ones.

As we reflect on what kind of firm Makovsky is now and as we look to the future, my commitment to the Makovsky team, to our clients and to our communities is to continue learning, listening and taking action.

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