Map Out Your Messaging Strategies In A Changing Culture

    Hammon’s debut is “going to be a media sensation, at least for a bit,” said Kristen Sharkey, executive VP of Makovsky. “She’s likely already been given some media training and some homework assignments. She’ll need a refresher course so that, from a messaging perspective, she’s comfortable with what she’s saying and her comments are aligned with what senior executives at the Spurs are saying.”

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    Wall Street's Reputation Continues To Tank

    “The 2014 study findings question how far financial services brands have advanced since the financial crisis,” according to Scott Tangney, executive vice president at Makovsky. “The industry,” he adds, “is walking on a tightrope, with the combination of negative perception, regulator actions and greater risk sapping reputation and financial performance.”

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    Data Breaches and Failure to Protect Personal Info Further Damage Wall Street’s Reputation and Business

    New York, N.Y.  (May 28, 2015) -- The 2015 Makovsky Wall Street Reputation Study released today revealed that 42% of U.S. consumers believe failing to protect personal and financial information is the biggest threat to the financial services firms’ reputation 

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    Preparing for Crisis Communications in a Hyper-Connected World

    When you work in healthcare, you are trained to expect a crisis whether it is a failed clinical trial, a life-threatening side effect for a marketed drug, or a decision by a government agency to require additional data before granting approval.  Professionals must understand how to prepare for these inevitable regulatory crises and the best ways to manage them.

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    The 2014 Makovsky Wall Street Reputation Study

    NEW YORK, June 17, 2014 - Makovsky's annual Wall Street Reputation Study reveals that improving reputation has become paramount at Financial Services firms, especially as negative perception is having a greater impact on revenue loss. 

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    Most Consumers Don't Tote Wearables To The Gym-Yet

    “March 2014 polling by Makovsky Health and Kelton Research found high interest in wearable health and fitness devices: 81% of US internet users said they would use one. Tracking fitness was the top reason, cited by 48%." 

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    Reputation Takes A Bite Out Of Bottom Line


    The notion that Wall Street and the U.S. financial services industry in general continues to be challenged by reputational issues is no surprise. But New York-based communications agency Makovsky has used its annual study for the past three years to drill down on the problem.

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    Makovsky Appoints Tom Jones and Alexandra Peterson To Lead its Award-Winning Health Practice

    NEW YORK, May 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Makovsky, a leading independent integrated communications firm, today announced the appointment of Tom Jones, senior vice president, and Alexandra Peterson, senior vice president, to lead the agency's Health Practice.

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    Makovsky Taps Sutherland as Digital Branding Practice Lead

    NEW YORK: Makovsky has hired Ross Sutherland as EVP of digital branding, the agency's growing interactive practice, effective April 14.

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    Who Sets The Speed Limit On Trading?

    It’s been a bad two weeks for high-frequency trading. The industry took body blows from author Michael Lewis ("rigged market"), icon Charles Schwab ("growing cancer"), and news about SEC inquires. Even the FBI touched the industry.

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    The Holmes Report Names Makovsky “Healthcare Agency of the Year"

    NEW YORK, April 29, 2014 – Makovsky, one of the leading independent integrated communications firms, was selected as “Healthcare Agency of the Year” by The Holmes Report. 

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    Millennials and Money: Scott Tangney on Wall Streets Reputation Five Years After the Meltdown

    This in-depth interview with Scott Tangney is the first in a series of conversations with Jaclyn Drobny  focused on Millennials -- those individuals born between 1981 and 2000 -- and the financial services industry.

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    Makovsky named a "Top Place to Work in PR" By PR News

    August 4th 2014 - Makovsky was named a "Top Place to Work in PR" by PR News. Congrats to our hardworking team!

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     TalkING About Data Security

    The massive credit and debit card breach at Target over the 2013 holiday season was only the largest of almost two dozen similar data breaches over the past year alone. But it’s the one that finally got the attention of both the banking and the merchant world to focus on the costs and consequences of a massive payment system that’s vulnerable. 

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    Makovsky Names Stacey Wachtfogel As Chief Human Resources Officer

    NEW YORK, May 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Makovsky, one of the world's largest independent integrated communications firms, has named Stacey Wachtfogel as Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer.

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    How A Deeper Customer Understanding Can Energize Innovation

    In the popular film, Field of Dreams, the protagonist Ray Kinsella hears a voice that whispers, "If you build it, they will come." Kinsella heeds the voice and builds a storybook baseball field and at the film's dramatic close, players have arrived and hundreds of cars are streaming toward the ballpark.

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    Modern Market Research: Using Social Intelligence to Inform Business Strategies

    Miami, Florida (November 12, 2013) – Makovsky, a leading independent integrated communications firm, presented a panel on Modern Market Research at The Holmes Report Global PR Summit.

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    Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan, Citibank Ranked Most Improved Reputations Among Financial Services Companies

    New York, New York (October 15, 2013) – Makovsky, a leading independent integrated communications firm, today released its 2013 Most Improved Reputation List which ranks the financial services companies with the most improved reputations.  

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    Makovsky Names Stacey Wachtfogel As Chief Human Resources Officer

    NEW YORK, May 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Makovsky, one of the world's largest independent integrated communications firms, has named Stacey Wachtfogel as Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer.

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    Makovsky #7 on Observer's PR 50 Power List

    When Ken Makovsky forecast a "golden age of PR" in a 2011 interview, I rolled my eyes. What else would an agency guy say? But as The Observer surveys the landscape of New York's public-relations industry circa 2013, it looks like Mr. Makovsky wasn't just pitching.

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    Makovsky Honored with First-Ever Grand Stevie for Interactive Agency of the Year at the 2013 American Business Awards

    Makovsky, one of the world's largest independent integrated communications firms, was honored as Interactive Services Agency of the Year at the recent American Business Awards.

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    Online healthcare habits reveal missteps, opportunities

    "...Access to new, digital resources continues to have significant momentum, [but] communication channels cannot be a strategy unto themselves. Companies must ensure that their online presence is accessible and embraced as trustworthy."

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    New Year – New Lights

    As the illuminated ball drops in Times Square and people around the country begin taking down Christmas lights, one other source of light will begin disappearing in the New Year.

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    How Energy Fits in the Path to Prosperity

    Last week, former Vice Presidential candidate, Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) unveiled the GOP's 2015 budget, named the Path to Prosperity. Within the proposal, which is actually more of a conversation starter than it is an actual budget, the House Budget Committee Chairman lists a number of major changes that will eliminate the government's budget deficit in a decade.

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    Inefficiency in Washington

    The simplest pieces of legislation are bogged down by hyper-partisanship and inefficiency in the Capitol. But what about a bipartisan bill that encourages efficiency?

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    Online Health Research Eclipsing Patient-Doctor Conversations

    Third annual survey shows average U.S. consumer visits the doctor three times every year; spends nearly 52 hours searching health information online. Makovsky to host webinar at 2:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Sept. 10 to review survey data and trends in advocacy and communications.

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    Makovsky Notches Recent Slate of Accolades at 2013 Bulldog Stars of PR and the PR News Agency Elite Awards

    Makovsky, one of the world's largest independent integrated communications firms, was honored with five awards by two of the industry's most respected organizations.

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    Wall Street Risk Affecting Reputation

    At three-year anniversary of Dodd-Frank, 68% of financial service companies say industry riskier or just as risky as 2007, according to Makovsky Wall Street reputation study. 

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    Tougher Sanctions Create Greater Reputational Risk in the Financial Services Sector

    Tougher Sanctions Create Greater Reputational Risk in the Financial Sector, According to 2013 Makovsky Wall Street Reputation Study

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    Study Reaffirms Critical Role Of Reputation In Business Success Among Financial Services Firms

    Ongoing reputation and customer satisfaction issues caused nearly half (44 per cent) of financial services firms to lose 5 per cent or more business in the past year, according to the 2013 Makovsky Wall Street Reputation Study.

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    Financial Industry Still Looking at 5 Years of Reputation Rehab

    Only about a quarter of those surveyed believe financial institutions have completely restored their public standing and 10% think it will take longer than five years, added Makovsky Executive Vice President Scott Tangney.

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    The Makovsky Wall Street Reputation Study 2013

    Despite an improving economy and recent record highs in the stock market, nearly half -- 44% -- of financial services companies lost 5% or more business in the past 12 months due to ongoing reputation and customer satisfaction issues.

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    Learning a Lesson From Patient Advocates

    "Pharmaceutical companies like certainty," explains Kristie C. Kuhl, JD, Executive Vice President at Makovsky, a public relations firm in NYC. "They want to make sure that they are following the rules and the FDA has provided anything but certainty."

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    Makovsky wins "Best of the Best" at PRSA Big Apple Awards

    Kowa Pharmaceuticals America and Eli Lilly and Company with Makovsky accepted the Best of the Best Big Apple Award for its "USAGE Survey: Taking on America's Number One Killer" program.

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    Launching into a Surround-Sound World

    Today, thanks to Twitter, anyone and everyone can be an instant reporter or editorialist. That means companies are no longer the single source of information when launching a product, and they need to learn to adjust.

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    Makovsky Announces Seven Staff Promotions

    "Our professionals' focus on client delight, along with a company-wide commitment to talent development, are catalysts for growth," notes Kenneth D. Makovsky, founder and president of Makovsky.

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    Telling One Story

    Separated into silos, marketing and PR professionals can disagree about certain communications issues and create conflict at companies, some agency and corporate leaders say. For example, a study conducted by Makovsky & Company between July and October 2012 found that CMOs and CCOs often disagree over who has ownership of social media.

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    Digital Media‘s Future: Implications for the Global Communications Industry

    "As the world's digital media center and the home to some of the social media sphere's leading innovators, New York provided the perfect backdrop for this year's IPREX Global Leadership Conference," said Ken Makovsky, president of Makovsky and a cofounder of IPREX.

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    Integrating Legislative Strategy into Brand Strategy

    Marketers understand the power of messaging—it is the essence of their mission and work. But often times, they forget to include messaging for government regulators. This article outlines the importance of understanding the reality of healthcare policy and how to integrate it with brand marketing to amplify messaging.

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    NY Rangers, Brooklyn Nets explain social in sports

    Social media and professional sports seem to be a match made in heaven. When a team scores during a game, aside from high-fiving fellow fans or booing, people tweet, go on Facebook, or post photos on Instagram.

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    2012 Holmes Report Card

    KEN Makovsky launched Makovsky + Company 33 years ago, into an already crowded New York marketplace. It's hard to say which is more impressive: the things that haven't changed in the three decades since that launch, or the things that have.

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    Makovsky Wins Record 21 Awards in 2012

    Makovsky, one of the world's largest independent integrated communications firms, announced today that it won a record 21 awards in 2012, including PR News' "Midsize PR Firm of the Year" and "Public Relations Agency of the Year" at the American Business Awards.

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    CCOs and CMO Struggle Over "Ownership" Of Social

    Chief communications officers and chief marketing officers continue to battle over the "ownership" of social media, according to results from a new national survey of senior-level marketing and communications professionals, conducted by Makovsky, an independent integrated communications firm.

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    Celebrities: Strike Out or Homerun?

    A celebrity spokesperson can certainly be a useful tool to promote your brand, but it is important to choose the right person for the right reasons or he or she may do your campaign more harm than good.

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    What Marketing Execs Blame for Banks' Bad Reps

    Even with the depths and scariness of the financial crisis in the rearview mirror, consumer polls show the reputation of the financial services industry near or on the bottom rung of trust.

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    CMOs, CCOs not collaborating effectively on social

    The report found more than 74% of CMOs and CCOs responding cited responsibility for social media as an area in which they fail to collaborate effectively.

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    CMOs and CCOs Battle Over the Web

    Chief Communications Officers (CCOs) and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) continue to battle over the "ownership" of social media, according to results from a new national survey of senior-level marketing and communications professionals, conducted by Makovsky, one of the nation's largest independent integrated communications firms, which was recently named "Midsize PR Firm of the Year" by PR News.

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    Courtrooms become pharma’s latest nightmare

    Litigation in the health products space is commonplace. In the courtroom, as in business relationships, a good name is essential.

  • Article-MakPR

    Rebuilding The Financial Services Industry’s Reputation

    On September 25 at the New York Yacht Club the Financial Services Communications Society (FCS) and Makovsky, a leading global integrated communications firm headquarted in New York City, hosted a presentation and panel discussion entitled Rebuilding the Financial Services Industry's Reputation.

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    Employee comms start financial reputation rebuild

    Employee engagement is crucial to restoring the financial services industry's reputation, said speakers at a panel discussion hosted by Makovsky & Company on Tuesday in New York.

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    As the Web Goes Mobile, Healthcare Stands Still

    U.S. consumers seeking health information online are more likely to visit Wikipedia than health magazine websites or Facebook, connect through a PC rather than a mobile device, and be swayed by word of mouth over direct-to-consumer advertising, according to results from a new national consumer survey conducted by Makovsky Health and Kelton.

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    When Litigation Threatens Brand Reputation

    Litigation in the health-products space is commonplace—contesting patents, questioning product safety or concern for marketing practices—and often used as a strategic tool to distract competitors.In the courtroom, as in business relationships, a good name is essential. Solid reputation retains talented colleagues, a physician's willingness to listen to your field force, patients' commitment to adherence and Beltway staffers' open-minded perspective before jumping to policy conclusions.

  • Article-MakPR

    Makovsky named 2012 "Midsize PR Firm of the Year" by PR News

    Makovsky, one of the world's largest independent integrated communications firms, was honored as "2012 Midsize Public Relations Firm of the Year" at the PR News Platinum PR Awards.

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    It's Time for Advertising to Take a Lesson (Gasp!) from Public Relations

    Instead of Focusing on a Strategic Statement, Try Writing a Narrative for Your Brand.

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    Facebook's Brand Timeline Can Be a Bridge to Millennials

    Facebook's IPO will be the largest ever for a tech company, and it has every chief executive asking the CMO, "What's our Facebook strategy?"

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    Wall Street Admits It’s to Blame For Public Perception–Survey

    They may even accept the blame for why the public, and Occupy Wall Street, are so up in arms.

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    Leaders and Risk: A Critical Priority for the CEO

    Risk can mean many things in a corporation, such as safety and compliance risks, hedging against unexpected market changes and natural disasters and the assumable risks of entering new businesses and markets.

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    Pharma companies promote USAGE cholesterol study

    NEW YORK: Major pharma companies are working with Makovsky + Company on a campaign to promote a cholesterol survey that will involve more than 10,000 statin users. 

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    Makovsky named 2012 "PR Agency of the Year;" Ken Makovsky wins "Communications Executive of the Year"

    Makovsky + Company was presented with the Gold Stevie Award for "Public Relations Agency of the Year" in The 10th Annual American Business Awards.

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    Power to the People: Managing a Social Media Crisis

    For decades, these words have guided companies and crisis communicators alike.  But today, ink is no longer required to spread messages to a wide audience ...

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    Nasdaq plays tough with clients angry over Facebook

    It's crisis communications 101 for Corporate America: when a company bungles an event as big as the Facebook IPO, alienates customers, and spawns lawsuits and regulatory inquiries, the CEO apologizes and agrees to provide compensation to make things right. Everyone can then move on.

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    Keeping It "Tweet" and Simple: PR Lessons Learned In the Age of Twitter

    A man walks into a room and comments on a secret that was just shared among the group. One woman says, “How do you know that? No one’s left this room.” The response: “It’s all over Twitter.”

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    Democratizing Corporate Innovation: Why Top Down Rarely Works

    Social technologies embraced by younger workers may hold the key to unlocking new ideas.

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    Ken Makovsky to Receive Individual SABRE Award

    Ken Makovsky launched Makovsky + Company in 1979, into an already crowded New York marketplace.

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    New Regs Will Help Restore Financial Industry's Reputation

    Most marketing executives at Wall Street firms believe that new regulations governing the financial services industry will go a long way toward helping banks, brokerage houses and investment banks improve their reputations.

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    You Can't Handle the Truth

    More than two decades ago, graphic artist Richard Saul Wurman predicted society would become overwhelmed with online facts and data pretending to be useful information.

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    Occupy Wall Street May Actually Be Changing Wall Street Firms

    Though the Occupy protesters have taken their tents out of Zuccotti Park, they're still making their mark.

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    Komen reversal shows power of social networks

    The quick resolution to the standoff between The Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization and Planned Parenthood is a testament to the power of social media, say industry experts.

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    Apparently, Even Wall Street Thinks Little Of Wall Street

    Goldman Sachs is getting most of the negative headlines. But Wall Street firms across the board say their industry invites scorn. Can they ever change?

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    Agencies Take The Icebucket Challenge

    “The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has continued unabated, helping to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. As of August 25, the ALS Association has received $79.7 million in donations since July 29, compared with $2.5 million during the same period last year. It also brought in 1.7 million new donors. PRWeek compiles #IceBucketChallenge videos from PR agencies.

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    Makovsky adds Davies as group VP for health practice

    Makovsky + Company has hired Lee Davies as group VP for its health practice. He will begin work at the firm January 3.

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